WorkT: Knee Sleeve 5mm (pair)

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Hand made in the United States from the finest imported neoprene. The 5 mm knee sleeve works very well for added warmth, compression, stability, and performance. This sleeve is versatile and can be used skiing one day and back squatting the next.

Colors available: Camouflage, Black (Chris Spealler-Edition), Pink, Red

Sizing is incredibly important. In order to make sure you get the most out of your knee sleeve, please consult to the sizing chart.

Sizing Chart:

With your leg straight measure 2cm (3/4) inch below your kneecap around the circumference of your leg.

  • X-Small: 31-33cm (12-13 inches)
  • Small: 33-35cm (13-14 inches)
  • Medium: 35-37cm (14-15 inches)
  • Large: 37-40cm (15-16 inches)
  • X-Large: 40-43cm (16-17 inches)